Just a glimpse…..


If you have read the books ‘Murder at Cup O’ Jo’s’ and ‘Something’s in the Woods’ then you are on the right track.  That is the setting for the next couple of books coming out for me.  ‘Murder at Cup O’ Jo’s’ sets the scene of my little town Belmont, Washington.  Something isn’t right in Belmont, Washington and Jack Steele knows it.  Jack Steele is  a 50+ year old guy who isn’t an investigator and somehow gets tangled up in investigating Mabel’s mystery.   He gets thrown in a world full of thugs, guns, jewels and a small hamster named Henry.

Jack Steele’s got a heart of gold.  He’s a perfect husband, daddy, grandfather, and friend.   He doesn’t want anything out of life except to be Mabel’s husband.  The man, every woman dreams about.


‘Something’s in the Woods’ is a mystery/horror story.  There is something in the woods in the little town of Belmont, Washington and John Carity needs to find out what it is.  People are dying and disappearing all over the place and Johnny has no clue.  Neither do the police and no one is talking.

John Carity is my new character.  Raised on a farm on the outskirts of Belmont, Washington John is brave, yet cocky.  He’s a risk taker and sometimes common sense isn’t his best friend.  He loves one woman and one woman only and will do anything it takes to keep her.

Jack Steele and John Carity are my new characters for the next couple of stories I’m writing.  If you like Jack Steele and John Carity please stay tuned for many more to come!



2 thoughts on “Just a glimpse…..

  1. Terry February 20, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    So proud of what you do!!

    • angieblake February 20, 2015 / 8:38 pm

      Thank you Terry! I needed that today! 🙂

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