The Tales of the Undead


Vampires have ruled the horror genre since the beginning of time.   They are mythical creatures whose appearance in fiction have become rather glittery and frilly, as of late.  In an attempt to defeat the Hollywood vampire, and to bring the vampires back to the dark side where they belong,  a writing group of mine was challenged to write a short story starring our favorite blood sucking creature, the vampire.  This is my attempt at saving the vampires:

 Blood Cravings by Angie Blake

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Which witch is which?

There are so many hundreds of things that a person can write about in the horror genre.  One of my very favorite things to write about in the horror genre is witches.   I find myself being drawn back to the olden days where witches were burned at the stake and hung.  I look back at the witch trials of Salem town and I think to myself, that those women didn’t have a chance.

I did some research these last couple of days on the witch trials and found out that they really didn’t have a whole lot of evidence to prove that these ladies were witches.  For instance, one of the websites I found described Sarah Good as being filthy, bad-tempered, and detached from the other villagers. Livestock on other people’s farms disappeared.

However she was also homeless. Now I’m sorry, if I was homeless and had to go door to door for some food and shelter every day I’m sure I would’ve been bad- tempered, too, and filthy.  I am also sure that I would be cursing people who didn’t donate to my cause when I didn’t know where our next family meal was coming from.  I am also sure that after the villagers judged me, as they did her, I wouldn’t be too attached to them either.   As for livestock disappearing from their farms.  She had to feed her family.  While I may not have called her a witch with this evidence I may have called her  a thief.

It also said that she was accused of possessing two girls who would lie on the ground and “involuntarily convulse”.  There mouths would hang open and there eyes would roll to the back of their heads.   My daughter who has epileptic seizures does this and it is not voluntary either.   Right before my daughter has a seizure and her blood pressure is peeked she sees what her doctor called an Aura in the corner of her eye.  The Aura flaps and flutters it’s wing and my daughter and I called it a ‘bug’.  Some of these girls saw what they referred to as birds.   I’m wondering if they didn’t have seizures and just didn’t understand the medical term back in the day?

With that in mind, the two girls who accused the women of being witches were also known for fits of rage.  They’d break out in horrible displays of anger and hatred.  They’d throw things, growl, spit and ‘entertain’ the on lookers with these lovely fits of anger.  I know kids now that do this and all they need is a good parent who is willing to discipline their child and spend time with them, teaching them right from wrong.

Tituba, one of the only women who admitted she actually practiced witchcraft named several others who practiced with her.  Sarah Good was one of those women.  Sarah Good denied practicing witchcraft. She denied this all the way through her trial.   I believe that maybe she was guilty of association with these women who did practice, but I’m not sure I would’ve called Sarah Good a witch.

Many reports indicated that Sarah Good tormented the town’s children.  They said she pinched, bit, and tormented them.  I’m wondering if Sarah Good may have done this out of pure animosity toward the town’s people.  Maybe they’d already been afraid of her because of her appearance and her attitude and no matter what she had done to these children or around these children they were afraid.

It makes me wonder what would’ve happened with Sarah Good and some of the other accused witches of the past if they were to go to court today under the superstitions of practicing witch craft?   Would they have been tried and killed? Was there enough evidence, besides hear-say, and an angry husband to actually convict these women of witch craft?  I don’t know.  I do know that there are some unexplainable things that happened while these women were around.  Whether it’s witchcraft or something that can be explained in terms of today I don’t know.   I wish we could turn the clocks of history back to these days and give these women the jury of their peers and their trial they so rightfully deserve.