Naked Twister

While my children are getting ready to leave the nest, and I have been confused about how I feel about things, I also have a little secret in the back of my mind I haven’t shared with anyone.  I know it sounds mean, and awful of me, but I’m not really trying to be mean.  I think every parent thinks about these things.  However, there is that little ping of guilt I feel every once in a while, when I do think about it.

When Cassidy was little we found out she was highly allergic to flowers and Christmas trees.  I don’t miss Christmas trees so much, but I’m going to cover my house with flowers.  I love flowers and I intend to have a dozen of them, at least.

059 These are some of my favorite flowers out at my Dad’s house in Pingree, Idaho.  I will be getting some of them.  I will also be planting a flower bed this year and maybe even a raised garden, when I figure out how to do it.  I am so tickled that I will be able to do that this year.

I will also be spending a lot of time at Bed and Bath picking out pretty smelling body sprays.  I can’t stand perfumes, but I love the body sprays.  Anything that is soft scented and makes a girl smell…well, like a girl.  (Lavender is yummy!)

Then, of course, the scented candles…a must have!  I haven’t had a bath with burning candles in so long I’d almost forgotten how.

Although, my days won’t be spent getting kids up and ready to go to school anymore, or doing their laundry, cleaning their rooms, making sure they take their pills every day, or lecturing them about boys I will be busy taking my life back.  Spending time with my husband, traveling, reading, writing, photography and maybe even a game of Naked Twister or two.

You want to know what the real secret is? I’d trade it all back to have my kids sleeping in their own beds again.


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