An indoor garden

As many of you know my daughter who is allergic to flowers has moved out of my house.  I’ve not had flowers in my house for almost 24 years.  Yesterday I bought my first hanging potted flower. 11196337_820708091349340_6815152646076824327_n I don’t know what kind of flowers these are but I decided I loved them and they were perfect.  Well, as that love got bigger so did the expense at Bi-Mart, perfect shopping for anything garden.  This is only the beginning…

1487434_820708131349336_5744387156344398942_n This, my friend, is a large square pot with gardening soil.  “What are you going to put in that pot?” You ask.  Well, now that’s a good question, and that’s when it all began…

I’ve been researching inside gardens, anything from flowers to veggies and herbs.  In one of the articles it gave me a list of awesome ideas for the home, even an apartment like I have.  Now, mind you, I don’t have a lot of room in this tiny two bedroom apartment, but I’m thinking we could deal with it.  It said to pick a window where it would be best to have the garden.  You might think we are crazy, but we don’t use our kitchen table very much, and although, it sits on the South side of our apartment, it really is the best place for sunlight on any given day of the week.  It is above a heater that we never turn on, and there are no fans around it.  The curtains help not give the direct light on the plants who don’t need it, and our  balcony helps give the direct light on the plants who do need it. 001 I’m thinking if you lift up the curtains and move the table, right under the window sill we can set up a large shelf and plant a small garden on top of it.  It would be perfect for our own vegetable garden.  I’m very excited about this idea and have researched what plants grow best in the house.  Lettuce, tomatoes, peas, carrots and mushrooms were listed and I think those would be perfect for our vegetable garden.  They’re all favorites so I am sure we will have no problems getting rid of them.

Okay, so we have decided where and what and now we’ll be off to Bi-Mart on Wednesday to get started.   Stay tuned for step two!

P.S.  I just wanted to stop and show you a picture of what is growing there now:

009 Two bamboo trees and some yellow flowers.

Stay tuned for step two! 🙂