There ain’t nothing funny about crazy!

It's Showtime (2)This is a twisted tale of Michael, an abused and tormented soul whose flashbacks of his childhood give you insight into a lost and trouble upbringing. With a “Tales of the Crypt” feel to it “It’s Showtime!” weaves you through a tale of mystery, suspense, and murder you won’t want to put down. You won’t soon forget the haunting smell of Michaels mother’s perfume, that teased and tantilized his nostrils making them dance with curiosity all over the food court. His father’s ties that have stories all of their own to tell. His “Goody Bag” in which he kept under lock and key. Last, but not least, his closet with all of his beautiful clothes.
Michael~who needed to save his victims from a heartless, cruel world full of people who never wanted them. Useless, weak people whom the world did nothing, but tease and ridicule.

Until one day……

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Rhoda D’Ettore


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No One Is Safe While…


A Novel by Rhoda D’Ettore

After surviving a car accident that killed her father, three-year-old Jennifer begins having nightmares. It’s soon obvious she suffers from something more dreadful than the accident when she provides clues to a murder committed 3,000 miles away—and two decades before she was born.

Jennifer’s nightmares set off a chain reaction that prompts the infamous Zodiac Killer to emerge from dormancy and terrorize San Francisco for a second time.

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Goin’ Postal & The Creek