Elisabeth McBride and The Evil Ones


Jezidiah sat on the front steps of the large mansion, talking to Martha Jean.

“Do you think she’s forgotten about us?” He asked Martha Jean. He looked at Martha Jean with his big brown eyes.

“Who?” She looked at Jezidiah.

“Angie, she’s been so busy doing other things that she’s hardly advertised us at all.” He said, with a worried look in his eyes.

“Who could forget about us? No one could forget about us.”

“I hope you’re right, Martha Jean.”

“Oh come on, Jezidiah. No one could forget about Elisabeth McBride or The Evil Ones. Her sadness, isolation and loneliness rips at your heart strings. Her evilness lives in the deep, dark crevices of your soul.

Who can forget about Elisabeth’s wonderful sense of humor? You remember the time that investigator’s skin fell off? Or how about the one she sent home crying to Mama? You have to admit Jezidiah once you read about Elisabeth McBride you will never forget her.”

Martha Jean smiled at him. She wasn’t a pretty woman, but he loved her, just the same.

“I guess you’re right, they couldn’t forget about us if they wanted to. Halloween is coming up, and they’ll want something scary to read. If Elisabeth McBride isn’t evil enough for them they can always read The Evil Ones, just to get an idea of exactly how wicked Elisabeth can be.”

Martha Jean nodded.

The front door of the mansion opened. A child with long, dark hair poked her head out the door.

“Martha Jean, someone’s at the back door!” She shouted.

“Elisabeth, darling, let them in. Let them in!” She stood up, and dusted herself off. “We haven’t had a visitor in simply ages,” she winked at Jezidiah. “Don’t worry, Jezidiah. They won’t forget.”

Jezidiah and Martha Jean walked back inside the mansion, while Elisabeth stood at the door. “Don’t worry, they won’t forget, and I’ll be waiting!” She laughed wickedly, as she shut the door behind her.


Read ‘Elisabeth McBride’ and just incase you didn’t get enough horror out of that one ‘The Evil Ones’ will be sure to please you!