About Me


Hi, my name is Angie Blake and I am a writer.  I write mostly mystery, horror and suspense, but I am finding a whole new love to write about….westerns.  As much as I love the darkness of the night,  I also love the silence of the prairies.  In a time and a place where no telephones were invented, yet, no televisions and no form to communicate other than face-to-face. I love it when people were real.   If you did something wrong you were either shot, hung or killed in some other manner.  No wasting people’s time.  It was all there in black and white.

I have 11 novellas, 1 novel and 1 short story on amazon, right now.  I, also love writing poetry, but I haven’t gotten any published on Amazon, yet.  I’ve been thinking about doing a poetry book but, it’ll have to wait for now.   I’ve got other goals for a children’s book and a cookbook, as well.

Besides writing, I have many other loves.   First and foremost is my family.  I’m a happily married mother of three children (two girls and a boy) and two grandchildren. (a boy, and a girl).

I camp, fish, hike, love to photograph nature, explore old lighthouses, buildings and ghost hunt.

I believe in family, and family traditions.  I love history, and research and hate two-faced people and math.  I love Big Cat Rescue, Blind Cat Rescue, and anything that has to do with animals.  I stand up for people with disabilities and am a hundred and one percent against bullying.

I can dance.  I can’t sing, and I play some pretty crappy basketball.   I can say my alphabet backwards, I can talk backwards and I can sing backwards.

I am me.

What the special thing you can do?



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