Which witch is which?

There are so many hundreds of things that a person can write about in the horror genre.  One of my very favorite things to write about in the horror genre is witches.   I find myself being drawn back to the olden days where witches were burned at the stake and hung.  I look back at the witch trials of Salem town and I think to myself, that those women didn’t have a chance.

I did some research these last couple of days on the witch trials and found out that they really didn’t have a whole lot of evidence to prove that these ladies were witches.  For instance, one of the websites I found described Sarah Good as being filthy, bad-tempered, and detached from the other villagers. Livestock on other people’s farms disappeared.

However she was also homeless. Now I’m sorry, if I was homeless and had to go door to door for some food and shelter every day I’m sure I would’ve been bad- tempered, too, and filthy.  I am also sure that I would be cursing people who didn’t donate to my cause when I didn’t know where our next family meal was coming from.  I am also sure that after the villagers judged me, as they did her, I wouldn’t be too attached to them either.   As for livestock disappearing from their farms.  She had to feed her family.  While I may not have called her a witch with this evidence I may have called her  a thief.

It also said that she was accused of possessing two girls who would lie on the ground and “involuntarily convulse”.  There mouths would hang open and there eyes would roll to the back of their heads.   My daughter who has epileptic seizures does this and it is not voluntary either.   Right before my daughter has a seizure and her blood pressure is peeked she sees what her doctor called an Aura in the corner of her eye.  The Aura flaps and flutters it’s wing and my daughter and I called it a ‘bug’.  Some of these girls saw what they referred to as birds.   I’m wondering if they didn’t have seizures and just didn’t understand the medical term back in the day?

With that in mind, the two girls who accused the women of being witches were also known for fits of rage.  They’d break out in horrible displays of anger and hatred.  They’d throw things, growl, spit and ‘entertain’ the on lookers with these lovely fits of anger.  I know kids now that do this and all they need is a good parent who is willing to discipline their child and spend time with them, teaching them right from wrong.

Tituba, one of the only women who admitted she actually practiced witchcraft named several others who practiced with her.  Sarah Good was one of those women.  Sarah Good denied practicing witchcraft. She denied this all the way through her trial.   I believe that maybe she was guilty of association with these women who did practice, but I’m not sure I would’ve called Sarah Good a witch.

Many reports indicated that Sarah Good tormented the town’s children.  They said she pinched, bit, and tormented them.  I’m wondering if Sarah Good may have done this out of pure animosity toward the town’s people.  Maybe they’d already been afraid of her because of her appearance and her attitude and no matter what she had done to these children or around these children they were afraid.

It makes me wonder what would’ve happened with Sarah Good and some of the other accused witches of the past if they were to go to court today under the superstitions of practicing witch craft?   Would they have been tried and killed? Was there enough evidence, besides hear-say, and an angry husband to actually convict these women of witch craft?  I don’t know.  I do know that there are some unexplainable things that happened while these women were around.  Whether it’s witchcraft or something that can be explained in terms of today I don’t know.   I wish we could turn the clocks of history back to these days and give these women the jury of their peers and their trial they so rightfully deserve.


Just a glimpse…..


If you have read the books ‘Murder at Cup O’ Jo’s’ and ‘Something’s in the Woods’ then you are on the right track.  That is the setting for the next couple of books coming out for me.  ‘Murder at Cup O’ Jo’s’ sets the scene of my little town Belmont, Washington.  Something isn’t right in Belmont, Washington and Jack Steele knows it.  Jack Steele is  a 50+ year old guy who isn’t an investigator and somehow gets tangled up in investigating Mabel’s mystery.   He gets thrown in a world full of thugs, guns, jewels and a small hamster named Henry.

Jack Steele’s got a heart of gold.  He’s a perfect husband, daddy, grandfather, and friend.   He doesn’t want anything out of life except to be Mabel’s husband.  The man, every woman dreams about.


‘Something’s in the Woods’ is a mystery/horror story.  There is something in the woods in the little town of Belmont, Washington and John Carity needs to find out what it is.  People are dying and disappearing all over the place and Johnny has no clue.  Neither do the police and no one is talking.

John Carity is my new character.  Raised on a farm on the outskirts of Belmont, Washington John is brave, yet cocky.  He’s a risk taker and sometimes common sense isn’t his best friend.  He loves one woman and one woman only and will do anything it takes to keep her.

Jack Steele and John Carity are my new characters for the next couple of stories I’m writing.  If you like Jack Steele and John Carity please stay tuned for many more to come!


Duck, Duck, Goose!

006 For Valentine’s Day my hubby and I had to find something cheap and fun to do.  I love to go to Cascade park and feed the ducks.  (Besides I needed more pictures for my blog)   So we went to Cascade park.  The good sides to this is I love feeding the ducks, and taking pictures of them, and it’s a cheap Valentine’s date, and they make me laugh.  The down sides to this is all the bird poop that is every where you look.  You just might as well give up on watching your step because you are just gonna watch yourself step right into duck, geese and whatever other kinds of birds poo.  It’s not a pleasant experience and now for days I will have the smell of bird poo stuck in my nose.  (forever probably!)

This goose that is standing in the picture looking at me, was there last year.  He chased Miranda all over the park for a mere bite of her cracker and some sunflower seeds.  He and his friend,  freaked Miranda out and she started to run.  Problem was, so did they….so when I took this picture of said goose and got home, I said to Miranda, “Look Miranda your boyfriend’s there!” and pointed at the picture.  She said, with eyes as wide as saucers, “You mean he’s still there? No way!”  and I replied, “He’s waiting for you….” in the scariest voice a person could muster.  She freaked.  I guess it might have been one of those moments where you had to have been there, but it sure was funny at the time! 🙂

This bird, this year, would have nothing to do with the crackers.  We fed them regular saltine crackers.  (Maybe he was waiting for a Ritz Cracker or something.  After all, everything tastes better when it’s sitting on a Ritz….sorry.  LoL).  There are a ton of birds here and if you are a bird watcher like I am,  it’s the perfect place to go.

Finally, though, I got tired of all the bird poo and headed back to the car.  I was glad I got out of that jungle of poo……just to find the car’s roof had been dive bombed with it.  (and on my side, too! Figures!)

Even with all the bird poo,  and the loud, obnoxious geese, we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, feeding the ducks! We thought about spending more time at Bush Park and taking more pictures but did not want to get bombarded by the attacking owl that’s made headline news.

The Bucket List….do you have one?


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life lately and all of the wonderful stuff that we still have left to do with our life and I am still trying to figure out what that is.

I mean, I’ve experience life (when all three of my kids were born~and now three Grandkids).

I’ve also experienced death (my first husband died in a horrific truck accident) and my mother who was sick for a long time with migraines and the like.

Ive traveled from the West Coast to the East coast.  We drove one way over, and another way back. (and I get car sick, go figure).

I was rich once.  (no kidding), but I was too young to have that responsibility and the money’s gone now.

I’ve had a million and a half cars (sure seems like it) and I don’t drive.  I owned a 1980 Z28 Chevy Camaro. I owned it for a total of three weeks.  It got totaled and hauled to the Chevy graveyard in the sky.   It was an absolutely beautiful car, though.   A beautiful blue metallic on the outside and white beautiful seats on the inside, and, of course, a killer stereo system that I wouldn’t mind having again, either.

The next one: a Fiat X1/9.  A beautiful white car, and I can’t remember the year.  That thing got driven to the ground.  A good friend, at the time, drove me around in that forever.  I will never forget that little car.

My first husband bought me a 1963 push button Plymouth Valliant, white.  (I don’t know why all my cars had to be white.) That was a nice car.  You’re probably thinking it couldn’t make it uphill, well, that, my friend is where you are very wrong.  It got wrecked, too.  (In the wreck my husband and I were in).

There had been several other cars in my life time, but, those are the first three that come to mind.

I’ve gotten off track haven’t I? With that said, I’ve done a lot with my life.  I am successful that way.  I’ve finally accomplished having a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man and sharing his kids and my kids have been a wonderful blessing in my life.  (try number four at marriage.)

I’ve also self-published books.

Flew in a plane, went on a train etc.

Beat the odds at a miraculous health problem that could have definitely killed me, or injured me, at the least.  (and I hardly have any recourse from it at all).

I went ghost hunting.

Now, I’m thinking what else is there? This is when I came up with

The Bucket List:

1. Disney Land  2. Traveling.  There are some states I have yet to see: Maine, Iowa, Arizona, New York, etc. 3. There are states I need to go back to: Idaho and California.  (for once I’d like to go to California when I’m not running away from my parents and for once I’d like to go to Idaho to visit relatives  (not for a sad funeral.) 4. I’d like to own a manufactured home and a mobile home (so I can travel). 5. I’d love to own a horse.  6.  Work on a ranch.  7.  I would love to meet Stephen King, Alan Alda, Kevin Bacon, Whoopi Goldberg, Jodi Foster and there are so many more.

I guess I’m covered for busy for the next couple of years….and still take care of children and write my books! I’ll let you all know how it goes…Do you have a Bucket List?

Things About My Books You Didn’t Know


A Life’s Journey is about a story of a little girl who grows up during the days of the wagon train and the hard lessons she learns about life, love and family.  It’s a book of child innocence.  A must read for fans of westerns, the early 1800’s, and a simpler life.

This book starts out in Peculiar, Missouri.  Peculiar, Missouri is where my mother’s family is from.  They moved to Blackfoot, Idaho.  I was born in Pocatello, Idaho.  Although, they did not come over on the wagon train, I figured that would add to the plot of the book.

My mother also got married at an early age, back in the day when being pregnant, while not married was unheard of.  My mother, married at the age of sixteen years old and a mother at the age of seventeen years old.  She had two kids by the age of eighteen years old.

She also married an Italian.  My father is a full-blooded Italian and my mother’s father wasn’t too thrilled about that.  Just like Sally’s Pa wasn’t too thrilled about Jimmy, either.  My mother and father’s marriage perservered through many years up until my mother passed away three years ago.


Ollie Ollie Oxen Free is a cozy mystery about a man who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) from the Vietnam Era. He takes his family on a camping trip and an innocent game of Hide and Seek is the beginning of a horrific murder mystery that sends Jeff on a wild goose chase through the woods, looking for his friend Matt.

In this book as many of the other books, I use my home town Independence, Oregon (renamed Belmont, Washington).  The church mentioned in the book is the Catholic church that my parents used to go to.  My younger brother and I used to hide under the stairs during hide and seek games.  No one would ever find us.

The old lumber mill was also mentioned.  It’s Mountain Fir Lumber Company in Independence, Oregon.  I worked there as security guard.  I didn’t last very long. I was scared to death to work in that place at night time.  I think any normal person would have been!


Murder at Cup O’ Jo’s is a cozy, fast-paced mystery that has not only the town of Belmont, Washington in it (Independence, Oregon) it also has its neighboring town Olsa, Washington.  Which, ( you guessed it) is really Monmouth, Oregon.  It mentions both towns as well as the road (S. River Road) that heads into Salem, Oregon during the big race scene between Jack Steele and the thugs that chase him.

Read my books, you might find other interesting tid-bits you didn’t know about!



I Hold My Breath

313515_458483614186019_87801440_nJust a poem to share……

These last couple of years I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life.
Was I a good mother?
Did I spend the time with my kids like I should have?
Did I tell them I loved them enough?
Did I tell them how I appreciated them?
Did I teach them enough to move on by themselves?

I look at my kids
All three of them are strong.
They know what it takes to make themselves or break themselves.
If they have a problem they can solve it.
They just don’t melt at the drop of a hat.

All of them are strong hard workers.
They are survivors.
They thrive at the thought of a challenge.

All of them have courage.
They have the courage to change things so they can survive.
They have the courage to face their own challenges day to day.
They have the courage to challenge someone or something on their own
and know they will survive.

They are honest.
No matter how much it hurts them or someone else
They are more willing to say exactly what it is that needs to be said. .
They say exactly how they feel with no sugar coating it.
They know what needs to be done to make the situation honest and fair.

They are individuals.
Each have their own charactistics.
Each have their own personalities.
Each have their own minds.

The most honorable question comes to mind.
Can they love?
Can they be so human to accept love and reject the wrong love?
Can they love someone with no limits?
Can they love someone unconditionally?
Can they love themselves?

I hold my breath.

copyright©Angie Blake 2015

Going places….


Hi everyone! I am amazed at this little book.  It’s going places. I’m trying to figure out if it is because of the book itself.  I’d like to think it is and having a book in that era may be helping the sales, but, here’s the strange part….


This book is also selling.  It’s reached the top one hundred in the UK several different times now.   This is an anthology of short stories of horror and other weird stuff.  This is also doing well.  For a while we died on sales, but now it’s going back up again.  🙂

And, this one, is doing remarkably well.  It may not be a best seller but since it’s give away it has been selling.   This is a mystery novella.  I’m thinking it may be the covers on these three books.  The colors are very dramatic and stand out when you set them in a pile of books.  I think the blue green in Ollie Ollie Oxen Free helps a lot.

All Things Evil is a cover that is pencil drawn and I think that makes a big deal too.  It’s black and white stands out amongst all the other covers in the place.  I just wish it’s sister book “Twisted Tales of Evil” had high markings as well.  It has the same black and white cover but of the cat, and is not selling.  I’m wondering what I have to do to get it to go a bit more? I know I need to advertise it more and get it up on Twitter and Facebook more often.  As funny as it seems though they are not my best selling places.  My best selling places are the little cafe’s, and I’d like to get into more book blogs.  I want permanent places, not places on Facebook where I am sure the writers, and readers don’t go into anymore.  (not a lot anyways!)

Now I have my own website.  http://angieblake.wix.com/angieslibrary

And, my own blog,  I think I just have to make a bigger stand on the internet, I think…….What do you think?